how to make an unfair dismissal claim

It is not wrong to make a dismissal claim. If you are a permanent employee in firm then your boss or employer has an authority to speak if you done something wrong. He or she can lawfully dismiss you based on your work performance. But if you think that your employer dismissed you in a bad or a harsh manner then you have an authority to prepare an unfair dismissal claim with employment solicitors london. There are few steps which should be considered before making unfair dismissal claims. These are as follows:

1. Are you eligible for this?

2. Was the dismissal harsh or bad?

If you are eligible and you believed that the dismissal was harsh or unfair then you have a right to lodge an application to the fair work commission. It evolves the following steps:

1. First of all you need to lodge the application.

2. After the application has been lodged the commission will check it.

3. After commission has checked the application he will then notify the employer about it.

4. After this the employer and the employee participates in conciliation.

5. If the problem remains unsolved after the conciliation then the commission will determine the application.